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AAC Breakfast Club

The UNCW Academic Advising Council (AAC) strives to promote student success by enhancing the academic advising experiences at UNCW. The AAC serves to embody, unify and provide leadership and direction for the academic advising community at UNCW. This organization provides a unified voice to university administration for issues related to academic advising, policy, and procedure. The Council will serve the academic advising community by recognizing excellence, providing professional development opportunities, and encouraging collaboration and communication across campus.

Please note: This meeting/event is intended for the UNCW Academic Advising and Student Success Community.

Starts Starts: 11/19/2019 9:00 AM
Sessions Session: 1
Location Location:
EPAF Training

Department preparers, join this hands-on training to learn about EPAF (Electronic Personnel Action Forms). In this technical training, you'll learn how to enter job assignments for temporary employees, including graduate and undergraduate students and temporary SHRA employees.

Note: Please complete the Banner Access Form before you attend training to ensure correct roles are assigned and any delays are avoided. The form can be found at https://uncw.edu/itsd/working/documents/hr-banner-access-for-campus.pdf

Starts Starts: 11/19/2019 1:00 PM
Sessions Session: 1
Location Location:
PeopleAdmin Open Lab
Please join us for PeopleAdmin Position/Hire Open Labs. This new program created by our Class & Comp and Talent Acquisition teams will offer a dedicated, hands-on environment to better assist PeopleAdmin users with various actions. This open lab is designed for employees (i.e. Assistant Coordinators, Dept Budget approvers, etc.) charged with entering position descriptions (PD) actions and job postings in PeopleAdmin 7. More
Starts Starts: 11/19/2019 10:30 AM
Sessions Session: 1
Location Location:
Full Cycle Online for Supervisors
This training is designed to help you become an expert navigator of Full Cycle Online, UNCW's online performance management system. Learn how to access your employees' performance plans, utilize the progress notes and peer review features, and more so that you get the most out of Full Cycle Online. More
Starts Starts: 11/20/2019 3:30 PM
Sessions Session: 1
Location Location:
PeopleAdmin Search Committee Training
This training is used for faculty and staff who serve on search committees and includes information on promoting inclusion, maintaining compliance, managing search actions in People Admin, and guidance for best practices. More
Starts Starts: 11/20/2019 1:00 PM
Sessions Session: 1
Location Location:
Respect & Dignity in the Workplace

This program is designed for managers, supervisors, leadership and emerging leaders.

In this session, participants will have the opportunity to reach beyond the golden rule. Dignity and Respect will be unpacked as it relates to various cultures and people. Learning to discern how differently we all view these two terms is a driving force throughout the session.

Starts Starts: 11/20/2019 2:30 PM
Sessions Session: 1
Location Location:
Writing Effective Position Descriptions
This workshop is designed to provide valuable information on writing effective and compliant position descriptions, as well as give you the chance to participate in hands-on activities applying each learning outcome. We will cover critical compliance components and primary elements of a job description, including proper formatting and structure, building and mapping position attributes, competencies, knowledge/skills/abilities, position requirements, and managing timeline expectations. End Result: A well-written job description that serves as the most important communication tool between the employer and employee. When crafted per the outcomes gained in this workshop, it will aid in quicker review and processing time! 

*Feel free to bring a draft position description to use in this workshop. If not, we will provide samples for group activities. Additionally, there will be time for Q&A if there are specific questions or concerns to address.

This workshop is intended for: Managers, Supervisors, HR liaisons and/or representatives (Assistant/Coordinator role in PeopleAdmin) that assist in creating and/or entering job descriptions in PeopleAdmin.
Starts Starts: 11/21/2019 10:30 AM
Sessions Session: 1
Location Location:
College Green Zone
Simply defined in the military, “Green Zone” is referred to as a “safe place.” Institutions of higher learning have adopted what is called, “Green Zone Training” for faculty and staff. This training is geared towards creating awareness about the experiences and struggles faced by student veterans as they transition to academia, as well as provide sound practices and procedures to help the student veteran succeed. All faculty and staff who complete the training receive a certificate of recognition as well as a Green Zone decal that allows students to recognize their certification. Although one cannot fully understand the military and its culture without serving in one of the service branches themselves, the Green Zone training should provide an in-depth understanding and knowledge-base of military culture, and the common experiences and struggles of service members, veterans and their families. More
Starts Starts: 11/22/2019 9:00 AM
Sessions Session: 1
Location Location:
EPAF Open Lab

Department preparers, join this open lab to have hands-on assistance with EPAF (Electronic Personnel Action Forms). In this open lab, you'll have guidance with entering job assignments for temporary employees, including graduate and undergraduate students and temporary SHRA employees.

Please note: EPAF Training is mandatory to obtain access to EPAF, but EPAF Open Labs are not mandatory.

Starts Starts: 11/22/2019 9:00 AM
Sessions Session: 1
Location Location:
It's a Nice Day for Yoga
Join Kristen Nice, 500 Registered Yoga Teacher, for a 45-minute yoga class to Stretch your body, Balance your mind, Flex your perspective, and Renew your energy. Classes will explore gentle movement, balance challenges and strength support.

Please dress ready to move* and bring a yoga mat (some can be provided). Please contact Kristen nicek@uncw.edu 2-3822 if you have any questions, special considerations, or do not own a yoga mat. Pre-registration and attending consecutive classes is highly encouraged, as space is limited to 18 participants.

*Please note, yoga is practiced without shoes and socks, so please plan accordingly.

Starts Starts: 11/22/2019 12:15 PM
Sessions Session: 1
Location Location:
New Managing Mentoring Circle
New or seasoned, we welcome you to share a coffee, your experiences, and your knowledge with other UNCW managers twice a semester. These New Manager Mentoring Circles are designed to support, guide, and welcome our new managers to UNCW and for everyone to expand their leadership networks. More
Starts Starts: 11/22/2019 8:00 AM
Sessions Session: 1
Location Location:
Starfish Open Swim
What is Starfish?! A new web-based tool for students, faculty, advisors, and the greater campus community. Learn about key features and try it out.

Starfish Open Swim is intended for UNCW Faculty/Instructors, Academic Advisors, and Departmental Support Staff who work with undergraduate students or within academic advising units. Access to student data in Banner or SeaNet is required.

You may email starfish@uncw.edu if you have any questions.
Starts Starts: 11/22/2019 11:00 AM
Sessions Session: 1
Location Location:
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